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Pakistan based first feminist English published poet & first Muslim poetess, who did poetry against Taliban’s misogyny. Nida Mahmoed is the author of Broken Women of the Mountains, Movement or Belief and these days working on her debut full poetry collection. She got fame for her poetry against honor killing and against Taliban which is really courageous act for a young lady in Pakistan.

Digital Innovator

Besides an Author, Nida is also an Internet Entrepreneur, and an entrepreneurial innovation strategist, researcher, and product and service designer. She build ideas in technology. Mahmoed is the Co-Founder & Board of Directors at Appease Apex. Nida has been successfully bringing tech startups ideas to market & also helping the entrepreneurs to execute their business dream into reality.


Nida is running a Campaign #MakeItFree, #MakePeriodsFree, For Schoolgirls, who have no enough money to buy feminine hygiene products. She is fighting to "Sanitary Napkins" should be free for School Girls in Pakistan. Mahmoed is donated 600k sanitary napkins to underprivileged school girls till now and her all books royalties are using for campaign funds as Nida is fully aware about Period poverty.

What Famous People Said?

Her poem "A Brave Woman" was used to describe the photography of Charles Bronstein in Saatchi Gallery, London.

Saatchi Art Gallery London

What Famous People Said?

Buzz Feed mentioned her name and called her a young poet, who is going against all the tides of Pakistan's poetry culture.

Buzz Feed Community

What Famous People Said?

Ashley Ruiz shared her views on Nida's poetry in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Project: "This is important for Nida because she was going against so many of the Pakistani rules by writing her beliefs and drawing attention to herself.

Ashley Ruiz United Nations

What Famous People Said?

Her poetry piece has featured in the Vogue Magazine Mexico Edition's Instaquotes: give peace a chance.

Vogue Mexico

What Famous People Said?

Paris Hilton, an American media personality appreciated the young Muslim poetess for her badass poetry writing style.

Paris Hilton American media personality

What Famous People Said?

Nida's poetry reached cross-border, Delhi University, and Kirori Mal College's students who performed her poetry on their campuses.

Delhi University India

What Famous People Said?

Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari showed her love in her insta poem.

Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari SZABIST Chairperson

What Famous People Said?

Nida's poetry has included in the academic literature of and Course hero as poetry guru. USA



Pakistan based first feminist English published poet

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    Pakistan-based first feminist English published poet & first Muslim poetess, who did poetry against Taliban’s misogyny.

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